SNEAK PEEK! New Features for P6 v9!

Align founder, Elaine Krazer serves on the board of the Oracle Primavera Special Interest Group (under the Worldwide Oracle Applications User’s Group), Krazer works closely with the Oracle Primavera Product Development team. Twice a year, the team creates and analyzes results from a survey that is then presented to the Oracle Development team as Enhancement Requests.

The winter survey recently completed and delivered those results to Oracle this week. Their team responds to each request and also unveils some details of their road map for each product: P6 EPPM Web, P6 Professional, Risk Management, Unifier, and Contract Management.

Here are some highlights you have to look forward to in upcoming releases:

  1. SECURITY: In P6 EPPM v9.0 due soon, they will change the user security to more group-based. Instead of using the OBS as a security setting, it will actually be redefined more in support of the OBS referenced in Earned Value.
  2. RESOURCES: Resources will be allowed at the EPS level as well as calendars and other features that are now only Global or Project levels—there will be a level in-between. This allows many of my clients to be freed from rate limitations, and the risk of full resource pool access.
  3. GRAPHICAL REPORTING: For those of you not using the web and those of you unable to fully use the complexities of BI Publisher, Visualizer was announced as part of 8.3 and is a full application add-on to the Professional client. It was announced that it has undergone major enhancement to be even more useful. It was compared to a major release of the main product in additional functionality. Good news, the new features were added as a service pack two weeks ago, and will not wait for a major release! Visualizer remains a big focus for all future releases.
  4. PRINTING: Printout capabilities now include the ability to print with or without Gantt, and using calculated timeframes such as DD=#days so each time you run this report, you don’t have to change the timescale—it will use the data date (or other reference) plus a timeframe you designate in months, days or weeks.
  5. BI REPORTS: BI Publisher users will be glad to know more sample reports now come with P6 .

A full revelation of the product road maps will be delivered by the Oracle Product Team at Oracle Open World each year in San Francisco in the Fall and again at COLLABORATE—the User’s Group event each spring. This year to be held in Las Vegas.

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Save the Date COLLABORATE 14! April 7 – 11, 2014

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